Douglas Wiebe

Douglas Wiebe | Group Director

We are hiring!

We have available postdoctoral fellowship positions to join the SpaceTimeEpi group and conduct interdisciplinary research at the University of Pennsylvania are now available. One position we are recruiting for will involve monitoring concussion patients using ecologic momentary assessment. Download the Fellowship Ad for details and instructions to submit an application. Contact Dr. Wiebe to learn more about this opportunity and how to join the SpaceTimeEpi group.

The SpaceTimeEpi group studies health issues and exposures that vary by geography, time, or both. Our motivation stems from an interest in the places where populations live, their everyday activities, and the impact of location and activities on health.  Geographic, longitudinal, and activity pattern data require specialized methods for analysis. The SpaceTimeEpi group provides opportunities to work collaboratively in that empirical context.  We also provide training in the collection and analysis of epidemiologic space-time data.

Quick-onset events like injuries are a specific interest.  The induction period for a risk factor – i.e., the time between exposure and when the injury is sustained – may be as short as days, hours, minutes, or seconds, which makes injuries a particular challenge to study. This website describes our group and our research on topics like injury, but also a range of health conditions, geographic and temporal settings, and exposure measurement challenges.  We draw from theory, principles, and methods of public health, epidemiology, criminology, economics, health geography, and health services research.  New collaborations and visits from interested researchers are welcome.