Intensity of trauma care Temporal studies

njury is a leading cause of death and disability among adults over 65. While the trauma care system has protocols in place to assess and treat injury, understanding the care older adults receive may allow hospitals to better plan for the needs of this growing population. We developed a score that classifies the intensity of care (IoC) given to older … Read More

Location, location, location: geographic clustering of lower-extremity amputation among Medicare beneficiaries with diabetes Spatial studies

ower-extremity amputation (LEA) is common among persons with diabetes. The goal of this study was to identify geographic variation and the influence of location on the incidence of LEA among U.S. Medicare beneficiaries with diabetes. We conducted a cohort study of beneficiaries of Medicare. The geographic unit of analysis was hospital referral regions (HRRs). Tests of spatial autocorrelation and geographically … Read More